About Us

Acceleration Iowa is Iowa’s premier athlete training center and fitness facility specializing in the one-of-a-kind sports training programs. With over 13 years of training experience, we are committed to helping you achieve your athletic and performance goals.

Started in May of 2004 by Jack Whitver and Geoff Jensen, Acceleration Iowa offers a unique training experience.  Having both participated in the sports training program, they know first hand how the training can take your athletic abilities to an entirely new level.

What makes us different from other fitness facilities? Our programs and our staff. At Acceleration Iowa, we employ a team of the best fitness professionals and offer a world class training regimen that is second to none.  No other program can achieve the results that we do!

At Acceleration Iowa, we give every athlete the edge needed to win in all aspects of the game they play. We have safe, effective athletic performance enhancement programs that have been developed over years of experience to enhance the speed, power, agility and overall performance of all athletes. Whether you are a beginning athlete, in junior high, high school, college, a professional athlete or an adult recreational athlete, we will help you gain that winning edge.