Our Training

Acceleration Iowa is the Des Moines metro area’s premier athlete training center and fitness facility specializing in the one-of-a-kind Frappier Acceleration Sports Training (FAST) Programs. A proud member of the Athletic Republic, at Acceleration Iowa we are committed to helping you achieve your athletic and performance goals.

The acceleration training program aims to improve overall athletic ability. Running faster, jumping higher, increased coordination, flexibility, functional strength, and core strength will help any athlete perform better no matter what sport(s) they participate in. The Acceleration program utilizes our specially designed plyometric and Super Treadmill protocols, developed through 25 years of research.

We train athletes of all ages and abilities. Beginning between 7-9 years old, we work with those just getting involved in sports all the way up to the serious athlete at the collegiate and professional levels.
Training sessions at Acceleration Iowa are conducted in small groups. The program is tailored to each individual insuring that each athlete receives the coaching and intensity to get the most out of their training.


Generation II Super Treadmill
This specialized treadmill provides a speed range from 0-28 miles per hour and is capable of an incline up to 40 percent and decline to 10 percent. Raised and lowered hydraulically, these unique treadmills are designed to help athletes improve their speed while reducing force at the knee upon foot strike.

By elevating the grade, runners automatically learn to maintain forceful knee drive, proper pelvic position, high foot carry-through and full extension with every stride. Its subsurface was designed from interchangeable polymers to provide additional shock absorption. The treadmill also has a specially-designed spotting mechanism and handlebar for backward running.

The attributes of incline running, combined with the safety of increased shock absorption, provide the opportunity for repeated exercises under ideal conditions to improve stride length.

Plyo Platform
Our multi-layered Plyo Platform brings safety and state-of-the-art technique to plyometric jump exercises. The Plyo Platform is the only plyometric device that recruits the hip flexors, extensors, abductors and adductors during actual athletic movements. Flexors and extensors are strengthened for forward and reverse speed.

The Plyo Platform is ideal for sport-specific training. Repositioning and altering the patterns of movement within our four-vector formation can create 52 different load combinations to the lower extremity, making it possible to create precise regimens designed for specific results.

With the Plyo Platform, athletes develop keen body awareness, strength, agility and fast response rates. Contact-sport athletes can quickly outmaneuver competitors. Others can respond instantly to ball location, changing field conditions and competitor positions.